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Five-Step Vocational Assessment Program

Step 1 - Initial Interview 
The first step consists of an initial interview. During this meeting the counselor obtains a history of your education background, hobbies, interests in addition to determining your personality characteristics, which are relevant to career choice. 

Step 2 - Testing
Based upon information obtained in Step 1, you will receive relevant interest, aptitude, intelligence and personality tests.

Step 3 - In-depth analysis, discussion and interpretation of results.
During our third meeting, we will discuss and interpret your test results. Specific suggestions will be offered for consideration and planning. 

Step 4 Job Search or College?
The fourth step typically provides help in preparing a resume and referral to appropriate agencies and resources that can provide job opportunities or the training needed to fulfill plans. Help is given with applications and interviews.

If additional training (education) is required we will review School and College Selection

         Job Search:  Education requirements are satisfactory
  •  Preparing a resume

  •  Referral to appropriate agencies and resources

  •  Job search strategies

  •  Guidance in writing applications

  •  Practice interview technique

  •  Support throughout the interview and placement process

                College:   School and College Selection

  •  Interview with client and family members involved

  •  Complete questionnaire concerning school issues

  •  Research appropriate schools, colleges, and training programs

  •  Present a list of schools, colleges, and training programs 

  •  Help with decision-making

  •  Arrange for campus visits and interviews

  •  Help with college applications, college essays, and other    requirements

Step 5 Ongoing Support
Support is provided throughout as well as follow-up to the point of getting settled in a new job or training facility.


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