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  • Are you in a quandary about your choice of vocation or career?

  • Are you undecided about your choice of school or college?

  • Are you having difficulty learning the skills necessary for the job you want?

  • Are you thinking about a second career?

We can help you turn frustration and indecisiveness into positive growth and constructive action. We are trained and experienced in counseling, assessment, remediation, placement and group dynamics. What make us unique are the combined talents and expertise of our staff of specialists, which enables us to offer you a variety of interrelated, services under one roof. 

Our procedure is a flexible one. We start with each person’s particular situation and go forward from there. We explore your goals. We discuss with you approaches to creative thinking and problem - solving which can help you achieve your goals. We provide you with the support and services necessary for you to take effective action toward realizing your objectives.

The variety of choices open to you is unlimited. Still, you’re not sure where you fit.
We will guide you to use your talents to your best advantage.

How do I develop my potential and enjoy a satisfying career?
Career and Educational Planning Associates, through a series of interviews and tests, which determine interests, aptitudes and achievements, will help clarify your direction and guide you toward your goal.

How do I become motivated?
If a particular problem, such as motivation, has been a stumbling block, you will find that counseling by our career specialists, experienced in career assessment and planning, will be invaluable. Once we help you learn more about what you want and how to go after it, you will experience a new sense of drive and direction.

I have learning problems – Can you help me?
Many young people and adults are unable to reach their full intellectual and vocational potential because of learning difficulties. We can identify such learning problems, evaluate their extent and provide remedial techniques to correct them. 

If we discover that emotional factors are causing or contributing to these learning disabilities, we make referrals for diagnosis and treatment of the particular problem.

Review our Solutions. 

Contact us to set-up a meeting toward moving you successfully into your future.


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