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School  And College Placement

From the maze of educational institutions reaching out to attract you and your tuition dollars, how do you select the appropriate school for your interests, problems, and personality?


Career and Educational Planning Associates help you locate the educational and training program that fit your needs and talents in the right kind of setting and ensure that you get the most for your time and money.
Secondary schools are often sought for a variety of reasons such as finding better education than is available in the community or for special needs. We have the resources needed to locate the appropriate institution that specializes in meeting these requirements.

Colleges are extremely competitive and it is important to find those colleges that fit your individual capabilities, talents, and assets. We review academic strengths and weaknesses, extra-curricular activities, special needs, and expectations. We research the institutions best suited to meet your requirements, arrange for campus visits and interviews, and help with the application process, including the essay. 

How do I select the appropriate school? 

We will help you select the appropriate school based on your interests, personality and any potential problems. We provide a current profile of educational possibilities and advise you so that your choice is a productive one for you. 

We know the specific information you seek about the campuses, curricula, facilities, faculties and student bodies of hundreds and hundreds of private secondary schools, specialized schools for exceptional circumstances, and colleges.


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