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Second Career Exploration
Whether you have formally retired from a long, active career or paused midway to rethink other options; we can help redirect your talents and aspirations to find a new outlet for your energy.

With our counsel and your personal motivation to explore new avenues, your ability can be channeled to reach new goals.

Career Counseling for Women
Women who wish to enter the job market or re-enter it after being away from it for any number of years require special assistance at this major transitional juncture of their lives. Our professional counselors identify your skills and talents, determine what, if any, additional training may be called for, and decide with you the possible areas of interest most suited to the utilization of your strengths all with the purpose of arriving at specific employment opportunities you can realistically expect to achieve.

Your normal anxieties about undertaking a brand new role at this point in your life are familiar to us and we are sensitive to your situation. However, you will be happy to discover the way in which our counseling process helps you open up avenues toward building your career.

Review our services and contact us to guide you onto your future path.


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